Magazine printing

Our production team at Nicholson Bass understand exactly what is needed for periodical publications. We know that the time constraints placed on regular magazine production, along with the pressures of keeping advertisers happy is a special challenge for today’s publisher. We have been producing short and mid-size magazine production runs for many years and we have developed a specific understanding of publisher’s needs. Attention to detail is always imperative, but with an element of urgency to keep within the time frame set, is how we produce superb publications and time and time again.

Below is a list of book services we offer. If you are a publisher or a self-publisher, we are happy to help with all your supply chain needs.

  • Cover production
  • Paper Management and storage
  • Proofing and colour management
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • Design and typography
  • Back issue services
  • On demand production and personalisation